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On the Art of Misinforming – Vermonters for a “Just” Peace

What are we to make of the image below, which is linked on the website of Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel, the sponsors of a program at the upcoming Art Hop titled: “An open discussion of how art and artists reveal injustice and raise social awareness.” This image, like the one I posted on August 8 from their site, again tries to equate the holocaust with the plight of the Palestinians, ignoring history, context, and current reality on the ground. It is a clear example of antisemitism as defined under the State Department Definition of Antisemitism, as is the image of the Israeli security barrier bearing the image of a WWII concentration camp. What these images tell us is that Israel is like Nazi Germany.

I don’t believe Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel represents the liberal/left in Vermont. But as Ian Thal has pointed out, they use rhetoric that sounds like something liberals value (i.e. “peace” and “justice”) and talk about revealing injustice and raising social awareness. In this way they are able to get their agenda into Art Hop, where it doesn’t belong. I believe, as does Ian Thal, that the sort of propaganda that the VTJP exhibits and the talks they sponsor are unhelpful in promoting a solution to the plight of Israelis and Palestinians. In addition they can intimidate liberals from speaking up against antisemitism.

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  1. Ian Thal Says:


    Thanks again for directing people towards my writings.

    The cartoon you pulled up is a perfect example of the point I’ve made many times before. In attempting to show a symmetry between the Jews and the Palestinians, the cartoonist (and indirectly the publishers of the cartoon) have to lie. These lies do not serve the genuine interests of the Palestinian people.

    While there are mountains of evidence for the murdered Jews, there is no evidence for “six million Palestinians ethnically cleansed, dispossessed, mudered, and humiliated. ” The official U.N. refugee count is about 711,000 and their refugee status is generally agreed upon to be caused primarily by the Arab invasion of Israel, and not out of an ethnic cleansing campaign, and only about 40,000 were deported by Israel.

    There are real statistics and real facts that people who are truly sympathetic with the Palestinians could and should cite, but people who cite lies care more about creating anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic sentiment than actually improving the plight of the Palestinians.

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