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The Man with Two Faces

May 29th, 2009

In 1952, when I was 12 years old, Dwight Eisenhower was elected president.  In our 7th grade class debates at Mckinley Junior High School, I was a supporter of Adalai Stevenson.  This was on omen.  Many of my future political choices would lose.  Salk Oral Polio immunizations began and I received one.  My favorite television show was “Drag Net” starring Jack Webb as detective Joe Friday.  In 1952 Ernest Hemmingway published his book “Old Man & Sea,” and U.S. Marines began training in atomic bomb explosion maneuvers in Nevada.  A few years before this, prior to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we were dismissed from school to go home and watch the first atomic bomb tests in the Nevada desert on black and white television.  “What a great show!” we all said.  “How Wonderful!” we all said.  No one knew much about radiation and fallout then.
Popular Culture in the 50’s focused around The Cold War with Russia, the Korean War, the “The Red Scare”, and Richard Nixon. Some of my friends’ parents had built Bomb Shelters in their basements and occasionally we would hang out there.  I created a survival kit that I planned on using in case of atomic war.  It had rope, canned soup, a compass, a pocketknife, maps, a first aid kit, an old Geiger Counter that didn’t work, and a variety of over the counter pills (aspirin, antihistamine, vitamins, etc.). UFOs, flying saucers, potential alien invaders were in my thoughts in those days.  In popular culture they were metaphors for the Red Menace. Joseph McCarthy was in full flower on television. The 1950’s were a decade of mild paranoia.

The times were ripe for a host of science fiction movies about aliens and spaceships that I enjoyed immensely.  One of my favorites that scared me tremendously was “The Man From Planet X” .  In this film, a newspaper reporter flies to a remote island with a scientist friend to cover the approach to earth of a previously unknown world called Planet X. They  discover a torpedo-shaped space ship in which an alien from Planet X has landed to make preparations for further landings of X-people.  The scientist’s assistant crosses up the alien, who depends on a tank of X-atmosphere for survival.  I was mesmerized by all of this.  The alien looked just like I thought Salinger’s monster character in his story “The Laughing Man” would look if he took off his poppy petal mask.  I loved the stories of Salinger and  “The Laughing Man” had a boy character my age.posterx-755957-copy.jpg

It was about this time that a circus came to town, and the whole family went.  They had a sideshow there as well, which advertised “The Man with Two Faces”.  I wanted badly to see this.  It had the aura of “alien being” to me.  But they wouldn’t let kids in without adults, and I had to get my father to take me.  He had his doubts, but finally agreed.  I couldn’t believe I would be so lucky – a man with two faces!  I couldn’t imagine what it would look like.

We entered the tent and stood in the back of a large crowd of people facing a stage.  After about 5 minutes a man came out and walked over to a microphone.  He appeared to be wearing a mask, or at least a plastic face that covered his own face, and his speech was a bit muffled.  He explained that he had been in a terrible explosion and that it had destroyed much of his face, so that he now had to wear a plastic false face in public.  Then he took away the mask.  The crowd shrank back.  It was a terrible sight for a 12 year old, and I felt a bit nauseous.  My father took my arm and we quickly left the tent.  The ethics of such shows or the economic necessity that would motivate someone so damaged to do this, never concerned me at age 12.  It was a more visceral feeling of dread that I felt.  Sleeping that evening I had nightmares about what I had seen.  The man with two faces was in a dark corner of my room that night.

Mother’s Day: A New Poem by Friend Tony Magistrale

May 26th, 2009



He wears a suit and tie on Sunday
when the rest of us are happily clad
in shorts and tee shirts.  His black
mustache is neat and trim,
although his hair, long and thick
is streaked with silver.  He walks
close to his wife, occasionally slips
his right hand into that soft spot under
her elbow.  His wife is a lovely woman,
chestnut-colored hair pulled back
off her face into a tight pony tail.
His arms and hands move delicately,
like he’s conducting an allegro movement for strings,
as he saunters alongside her
and the sleeping child she pushes
in a small blue stroller.  From beneath oversized
sunglasses the wife turns to look at him
raises her eyebrows in mock surprise or
bestows a smile of bemused tolerance.  She has
heard her husband’s current complaint before-
how she overcooked last night’s pasta,
or the outrageous cost of everything.
They walk slowly together down Church Street
and into the lazy afternoon light.

A part of me
wants to follow this couple home, recognizes them
from a photograph of myself
taken years ago.  And that part of me
wants to remind these strangers
to pay attention to this moment-to
appreciate the dying light embracing them.
The light will return
another day, but never quite
like this, never again when they are both
this young, their child
this content
listening to the rise and fall
of her parents’ sonorous voices,
drifting into a gauzy sleep
on a late afternoon in late spring,
the sound of the stroller wheels
more soothing than a lullaby.

Fisk Farm, Isle La Motte, Arts Schedule. Come and visit us!

May 22nd, 2009



Sunday July 19

 Michael Strauss, watercolors and oils

“Full Circle” traditional tunes with voice, harp, hammered dulcimer, guitar & recorders

 Sunday, July 26

 Michael Strauss, watercolors and and oils

Lynn Sandage, voice, flute & guitar


Fisk Farm is 4 miles south
of St. Anne’s Shrine on
Isle La Motte, Vermont.
For further information mainhouse.jpg
call 802 928-3364

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Berniece and Janet Rosenthal, 1930

May 6th, 2009


Fact or Fiction!

May 4th, 2009

Sitting on my desk in dim orange light this late May afternoon are Aron Cohen’s naturalization papers that he obtained in 1884, with dates, signatures, addresses and other information, as well as a passport application he made in 1913 indicating the name of the ship, Thuringia, on which he emigrated from Hamburg to New York in 1871.  There is also a pile of census records for the Cohen family, as well as many newspaper articles about Aron and advertisements he placed for his tobacco business in the 1880’s. In a separate pile, I’ve got a folder containing death notices for Aron, his wife Hannah, and his mother Flora, containing additional biographical information, as well another folder with genealogical records, passenger manifests, photographs, personal memorabilia, business ledgers, and correspondence.

How much of a life can be recreated from this pile of words and images?  In creating a narrative, is it important how much is historically accurate and how much is made up?  Could one rearrange facts and chronology, just a bit, for clarity?  When I write, my attention is focused on connecting every line to the next, not letting missing bits and pieces of history or small irrelevancies impede or clutter narrative flow. Does it matter that Aron Cohen’s addresses in various documents are inconsistent, or that my great, great grandfather Simon Cohen was married twice?  I’m going to judiciously alter things just a bit, without sacrificing the historical record.  I won’t defer to every single “fact,” or to missing fragments, which would put potholes in the road.

And anyway, are historical “facts” really immutable? Aron Cohen, on his passport application says he lives in San Francisco, but his death certificate says he lived only in Santa Cruz!  I’m not suggesting what I may write is more fiction than reality. It isn’t.  But I plan on going beyond Aron Cohen and Max Strauss and their families. I’m more interested in their choices and reactions to events, or more generally, about human behavior. I want to go beyond the particular and raise questions about who they were, and who we are as human beings, and how we react to the reoccurring and transcendent themes of our lives: loss, fear, doubt, anger, accomplishment, and sometimes acceptance.

Census, San Francisco, 1870 – The Strauss Clan

May 4th, 2009

CENSUS YR:  1870  STATE:  California  COUNTY:  San Francisco  DIVISION:  2nd Ward-San Francisco  REEL NO:  M593-79  SHEET NO:  167A REFERENCE:  Enumerated on 13 Jun 1870      by  Isaac Ayer;      POST OFFICE: PAGE NO: 61

Strauss  Louis  46      M     Dry Goods Mcht  $10,000   Prussia
Strauss  Lena  33        F      Keep House                             Bavaria
Strauss  Pauline 14     F                                                       California
Strauss  Samuel 12     M                                                      California
Strauss  Fanny   7       F                                                        California
Strauss   Max    5        M                                                       California

My Grandfather Max was 5 years old when the census taker knocked at the door!max-at-about-5.jpg

Pa in Alaska, 1929

May 1st, 2009